Close to the Hotel du Continent, in the heart of the 1st arrondissement, stands one of the oldest theatres in the capital; the Comédie Française. Founded in 1680 alongside the Palais Royal, this Parisian cultural institution never ceases to surprise with the creativity of its productions.


The Comédie Française troupe at the service of this great theatre

Since it was founded, some 3,000 pieces have been performed here in what is the only French state theatre to have its own permanent troupe of actors. Season after season, the Comédie Française offers a rich programme acclaimed by the public and the critics alike. Its reputation has been established by the high standard of its actors and its productions of the great classics of French and international theatre. The repertoire consists of pieces by Molière and Shakespeare but also Pinter, Chekhov and Tennessee Williams. Fine actors such as Denis Podalydès, Isabelle Adjani, Jeanne Moreau and, more recently, Pierre Niney have graced its stage.


The Salle Richelieu; a historic venue

More than a theatre, the Comédie Française was founded by decree of Louis XIV and is a place full of stories. Just step through the entrance to discover a unique ambiance. As with an Italian theatre, you access the Salle Richelieu via a large staircase. This is the principal auditorium of the Comédie Française and has 865 seats situated in a horseshoe-shaped stalls area and on open balconies. You can also discover the armchair in which Molière played the role of Argan in Le Malade Imaginaire just hours before his death.



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