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The Hotel du Continent, a beautiful 3 star establishment located in the heart of Paris, offers every guest an exclusive welcome, warm hospitality and personalised services. Its incredible decor, with each floor being different and distinctive, also invites everyone who stays here to partake in a unique experience: a trip around the world in 2 poles, 5 continents, 25 rooms and a myriad of ornamental details as attractive as they are refined.

Out of the creative soul of the globe-trotting Christian Lacroix comes a unique style, both ethnically inspired and very fashionable, which combines shimmering fabrics and embroidery inspired by faraway lands, rare or exquisite materials, fine furniture, objects of curiosity, the charming charts, maps and globes of yesteryear, and frescoes luminous with the myriad colours of the world.

The favourite themes of the world-famous French Designer, who here conjures up a fascinating blend of exoticism and contemporary creativity, are all combined in this establishment to produce the ambience of a time-lost cartography. With a destination that changes from floor to floor, the Hotel du Continent is a beautiful hymn to a journey that brings all the beauty of the world to Paris.


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An elegant place, inspired by the trip

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A family outing at the Galeries Lafayette workshops

Situated under its majestic dome on the Boulevard Haussmann, the Galeries Lafayette is a legendary department store. Visitors from all over the world come to browse and buy the latest fashions from major labels, accessories and leather goods, visit the deli, admire the splendid architecture and enjoy the rooftop champagne bar. But now you can visit the store and ALL the family will have fun.

The Hotel du Continent and Christian Lacroix

In the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris you will discover a unique establishment with a well-defined personality; the Hotel du Continent, where the creative spirit of its interior designer, the brilliant Christian Lacroix, is revealed.

Your New Year in Paris

"Paris is a party" is a saying that’s even more applicable during the New Year period than during the rest of the year. Discover the magic of Paris on that special night when everyone has fun in their own way. Romantic, magical, musical, trendy, tasty; New Year’s Eve has a thousand faces in Paris. Here are the ones preferred by the Hotel du Continent team...

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