The Christian Lacroix couture house will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017! The opportunity to revisit all the hotspots of the famous French couturier a few months in advance in Paris. That's perfect: your quest for Lacroix makes even more sense when staying at the Continent because the hotel's vintage globe-trotter decor was designed by the maestro himself!

Will you be willing to take part in an almost stationary journey with Christian Lacroix? Open your eyes and witness the story of journeys from another era. With vintage maps, marine watercolors or classic exotic decor, the atmosphere of your boutique hotel will introduce you to the stylish decorative spirit of Lacroix. A veritable trip around your chic and stylish room in Paris! 
Then push open the doors of 73 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, close by. There, you will immediately notice the high-fashion, yet also colorful, baroque, classy and sensual world of the legendary Christian Lacroix... And if the prices of high fashion make you look the other way, then check out the Galliera museum of fashion. Lacroix is obviously there!