It’s a fact that the whole world comes to Paris, and our part of Paris now embraces the whole world! Global travel without leaving the capital is what is offered by the Hotel du Continent. Paris is also regarded as the capital of fashion. So it is that the spirit of travellers, adventurers and discoverers led the great French fashion designer Christian Lacroix to the heart of the historic 1st arrondissement of the capital and inspired him to create, for each of the 25 rooms of the hotel, a decor with colours from 5 continents ... And 2 poles!


The hallmark of the fashion designer Christian L.

Profusion and design, an exuberance of colours and a sobriety of line… All the style that is the hallmark of the great couturier is found in every room, in every space, throughout every aspect designed by him for us, but more especially for you. Each floor is a journey. The red, bright yellow and tropical green of Oceania stands in contrast to the whiteness and lichen emerald of the rooms dedicated to the poles. The Americas are still lands of discovery with representations of ancient maps, while Africa boasts curtains reminiscent of beautiful sunsets and wildlife in urgent need of conservation!


Warm luxury in the heart of Paris

While the minutia of the details, the richness of the fabrics, and the refinement of the grounds give the hotel its touch of elegance and luxury, the atmosphere remains warm and welcoming. The geometric patterns, the rose, the orange tree, as well as the blue Kabyle textiles liven up the lounges in tandem with the sumptuous scenery of Southeast Asia ... Unless you’d rather be at the court of a European sovereign? Here, the colours and textures of the world mingle harmoniously and take you on an incredible journey.