It’s not just the Italians who can create delicious ice creams. Every summer, Paris takes up the challenge and Parisians and visitors alike respond with unrestrained enthusiasm to the gourmet creations of the city’s glaciers. Your Hotel du Continent team has some suggestions about where you can find surprising and unusual ice cream treats this summer...


Flavours and colours

Ice cream creativity is all about madness and daring. That's why we particularly want to bring La Tropicale in the 13th arrondissement to your attention. Here you can find flavours inspired by Asian gastronomy such as saffron, ginger and yuzu. The trendsetting Glaces Glazed in the 9th is also big on ice cream flavours that are very much off the beaten track, including vodka, basil and whiskey, pepper, orange, lemon and ginger ... Don’t miss the darkly divine Black Coal Cornet. Your taste buds will flip!


Ice cream reinvented

For an icy adventure head to Spaghettina in the 10th arrondissement. The challenge? Not to be fooled by appearances! Visually, you’ll have the impression of enjoying a pasta dish but when it comes to taste there’s no doubt it’s ice cream you’re enjoying! Just as surprising is the ice cream offered at Monsieur Benjamin, where it’s rolled on a chilled plate while you watch.

When summer smiles on Paris, it's time to enjoy an ice cream. Whether you prefer your ices traditional or totally revolutionary, head to these glaciers recommended by the Hotel du Continent team and enjoy!