In just a short walk from your boutique hotel, you will reach the former palace of the kings of France, the world famous Louvre Museum. And if you come to the former château of Philippe Auguste to see the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace or the Venus de Milo, you can also hang around to discover its legends and secrets... Here are a few.
Someone stole the Mona Lisa! In August 1911, there was panic as the star of the museum had disappeared. It's true, the Mona Lisa was stolen! Two years later, we discovered that the Italian burglar wanted to take the masterpiece back to its homeland! And watch out for Belphegor: some visitors are convinced that the famous Phantom of the Louvre really does exist!!
Another vile legend about the Louvre pyramid. A rumor repeated by the Da Vinci Code announced that the pyramid is made up of 666 glass triangles. (Actually, there are 673). 666 refers to the number of alleged demons who serve Beelzebub. The Louvre? A mythical palace of mysterious legends.