In the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris you will discover a unique establishment with a well-defined personality; the Hotel du Continent, where the creative spirit of its interior designer, the brilliant Christian Lacroix, is revealed.


Christian Lacroix offers you a journey

Your Hotel du Continent sends you on a journey away from the homogeneity of international hotels as soon as you step inside. Our establishment evokes the ambiance of Around the World in 80 Days, the golden age of the Orient Express, the flourishing exoticism of the 19th century and the beauty of wood, fabric and ceramics. This captivating decor is born of the imagination of a genius, Christian Lacroix, who offers you more than a hotel stay; a journey into a world of beautiful shapes and colours.


An evocation of dreams and travel

Faithful to the theme of the hotel, for each floor Christian Lacroix summoned the spirit of a continent. Old maps, ethnic motifs, traditional representations and frescoes are highlighted by refined and original decorative details suggestive of Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Americas. The journey to your room becomes a travel itinerary that will continue to be a source of wonder throughout your stay.

With carefully chosen colours, attention to detail and an overall sense of elegance, Christian Lacroix invites you to enjoy a change of scenery in the heart of Paris. Your Hotel du Continent will hold a special place in your Parisian dream.



Hotel du Continent, a charming hotel in the heart of Paris