The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris is an establishment admired as much for its typical 1930s architecture as for the richness of its holdings that represent artistic creation throughout the 20th century. Closed for ambitious renovations, it has now reopened and offers visitors all the wonders of its collections as well as a temporary exhibition of great beauty...


Hans Hartung at the Museum of Modern Art

Entitled Hans Hartung; The Making of Gesture, this exhibition looks back at the artistic and personal journey of one of Germany's leading artists of the 20th century. Hans Hartung, whose work in the 20s and 30s anticipated the abstractions of ‘gestural’ painting, was born in 1904 and suffered political oppression and poverty before achieving recognition. He died in 1989, leaving behind a prolific artistic career involving experimentation with media, colour and format while examining concepts of reproduction, identity and authenticity.


An exceptional retrospective

The Hans Hartung retrospective offers some 300 works on canvas, of course, but also photographs, ceramic experiments and painted pebbles. The exhibition is divided into four chronological sections that illustrate the artist's journey and reflection, but also focus on his originality, showing how Hans Hartung was a pioneer of 20th century art. You can already buy your queue cutting ticket online to avoid wasting any precious time during your stay in Paris at the Hotel du Continent.

With the Hotel du Continent as your base, you can treat yourself to a wonderful stroll to the Museum of Modern Art situated between the Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde and the Grand and Petit Palais. You’ll discover a particularly exciting exhibition, the first real retrospective devoted to this significant artist in more than 30 years.



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