The recipe for a perfect summer in Paris is simple: do a little shopping, visit some museums, have a romantic picnic in a park, sip an aperitif on a rooftop terrace, take a cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin... and relish the pleasures of a delicious and unusual ice cream!


Unusual ice creams in Paris: the specialists

Let's start by talking up the ice cream delights of two Meilleur Ouvriers de France. The first works his frosty magic at Une Glace à Paris and offers ice cream wonders ranging from refreshing sorbet balls in a crispy cornet to sublime frozen pâtisseries. Simplicity and elegance combine with standout flavours.
The second star ice cream artist’s creations can be savoured at the Glacerie de Paris. Using lovingly chosen ingredients he creates fantastic ice creams that are as amazing in their presentation as they are in their flavours.


Our icy favourites

We would be doing you a disservice if we failed to mention the Bac à Glaces. This ice cream parlour uses only natural ingredients. No artificial colouring, fake flavours, preservatives or other such additives, and they also use as little sugar as possible. Guaranteed! Also check out Pozzetto for some excellent gelato. This beautiful, colourful place offers creamy delights in the great tradition of Italian ice cream. Finally, we mustn’t forget to tell you about the rock ‘n’ roll sensibility of Glazed and its surprisingly flavoured ice creams, including Morello cherry - blackcurrant pepper, raspberry - lime and Sumac, and even Faisselle cheese – maquis grasses... Enjoy!



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