From February 27th to March 6th, the highly anticipated Paris Fashion Week will take place. A week of parades and collection unveilings in the most prestigious venues of the capital, featuring celebrities, top designers and the most in-demand models... Come along and discover the spring trends.


Few are invited...

Fashion lovers already know the dates. They have probably even marked the shows of each design house on their calendars well in advance. However, it’s a known fact that it’s very difficult to see a catwalk parade, especially when you don’t have one of the highly coveted invitation cards. Only professionals and potential buyers are invited to contemplate the swaying of models wearing tulle, linen, silk and other fluid fabrics to the sound of applause and crackling flashes. And if you’re not one of the lucky ones, don your most alluring adornments, break out your most dazzling smile... And try to charm your way past the man on the door!


It's so beautiful !

That's it, you’ve made it. You’re in! Loosely, casually, you slip into a seat on the front row and, right before your eyes, ... the first legs sheathed in black, seemingly endless, seem to glide along the catwalk. Here the skirt, wonderfully unstructured, touches the knee; here, the dress of lace, so chic and sexy at the same time. Elsewhere there are swirls of materials, colours, lines. The creations, sublimated by the beauty of the location, the lights, the staging plunge you into a magical world of glamour and style. All the big names in fashion are present at this week dedicated to prêt-à-porter... Luxury!