When the chill and the hustle and bustle of the city become too intense, the urge comes upon us to settle comfortably in a warm, peaceful place with our loved ones, friends or family and enjoy a fine meal. The Hotel du Continent team reveal their favourites...


Choose your fireplace!

Not all fireplaces are alike and don’t create the same atmosphere, so choose your style according to your preferences. Do you dream of sitting down to dinner as the lord or lady of the manor? Opt for the Coupe-Chou and its vast stone chimney breast adorned with a coat of arms! This restaurant in a picturesque 17th century house offers a step back into the past. In contrast, the Robert et Louise inn in the heart of the Marais brings a taste of the countryside to the city. Here you can warm your hands and heart by a brick-built fireplace where delicious dishes simmer temptingly.


An open fire and a choice menu

For a combination of a fireplace and superb cuisine, step into the Atelier Maître Albert, the restaurant of the famous chef, Guy Savoy. Steeped in the warmth of the large open hearth radiating throughout the room, you’ll enjoy a cuisine combining tradition and creativity, built around seasonal ingredients. If you’re on a tighter budget, you may prefer the eclectic atmosphere of the Cave de l'Insolite, a wine bar offering lovely food, or the timelessness of Quincampe.

Warm up around a delicious dish and a wood fire in the favourite addresses of the Hotel du Continent team!



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