For those who believe that there are two types of travellers, those who are impenitent and those who only talk about comfort and luxury, the Hôtel du Continent invites you to think again and change continents like you change rooms! An ultra-cosy boutique-hotel concept designed by Christian Lacroix near the Louvre and Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

Here is Europe. You recognize the map of the old continent that stretches across the wall and gives this first “in-room” exploration incredible charm! Yes, the travel concept was designed by Lacroix: therefore, you must expect things that are fashionable, vintage and one-of-a-kind. You won’t be disappointed when you go upstairs to Asia. Where Zen meets the place’s peace and quiet. 
While in Oceania, relaxing on the very comfortable bed, you can imagine yourself on the Marquesas Islands with Matisse! Just beyond a representation of the Greek god Aeolus, you will find yourself in the unspoilt and mysterious setting of America, while Africa hypnotizes guests with its beautiful rich colours. And then, for those interested a motionless journey, head towards the Louvre just a few minutes away. Here, you will travel from Greece to Persia, from Egypt to Italy during the Renaissance! 
Travel around the world by staying in Paris and book your magical globetrotting stay in the vintage atmosphere designed by Christian Lacroix !