Lovers, welcome to the Continent and welcome to Paris for Valentine's Day! You have chosen one of the best Parisian hotspots to rekindle the flame. Why? Because Paris is the City of Love and a popular landmark on the map of affection. Here are a few secrets to spice up your Valentine's Day rendezvous.
Don't forget the element of surprise! It's Valentine's Day and the five continents are coming together at the Hôtel du Continent to introduce you to the pleasure and discovery of other shores. And Paris is right behind the door of your arty and vintage cocoon, offering you 1,001 seductions. 
Such as La Dame de Pic, nearby or the timeless must, La Tour d'Argent ? In any case, feel free to hold hands and walk around the nearby Tuileries Garden before enjoying a gourmet snack at Angelina, rue de Rivoli! You won't be able to resist the romantic teatime: the macarons, opéras, sachers and pastries are to die for! 

Book your stay in central Paris near Le Louvre and Tuileries for Valentine's day: