When you ask one of the guests at the Hotel du Continent what they appreciated the most about their trip to Paris, the odds are good that they will talk about the fantastic details of the decor created by the famous French designer, Christian Lacroix. You, too, can make the Continent your port of call and discover its five irresistible details. All aboard! 
1st killer detail: the travel concept created by Lacroix, in which each floor is a different continent for you to explore... not to mention the two suites on the top floor.
2nd detail to discover in each room, with their joyful, vintage decor depicting the hallmarks of the travel of yesteryear: headboards covered with velvet, up against the allegorical pages of old atlases, as well as furniture that was personally designed by the master himself! 
3rd inspiring detail: the stairways, hallways and landings in an avalanche of shades of blues, pinks, purples, greens, grays and ochre. Each floor has its own color scheme and its own vintage world: Europa, Antarctica, Oceania, Asia, Africa and America.
4th artsy detail (among others): in the Asia rooms, the ornamental minimalism of Chinese screens, the tatami effect on the floors, the wooden tranquility sinks in the bathrooms, and more.
5th detail:  Did you notice the hushed, exotic atmosphere of Oceania? The motifs of Matisse-style paper cut-outs undoubtedly contribute to this... Will you be tempted by a trip to the Marquesas a short distance from the Louvre?