Travel back in time this summer in Paris with the exceptional Tutankhamun exhibition called The Treasure of the Pharaoh. Your Hotel du Continent strongly recommends this event, which is fascinating both for the artefacts presented and the imaginatively immersive presentation that transports you to Egypt through the ages.


The Tutankhamun exhibition; an immersion in history

Everything about the story of Tutankhamun fascinates. Firstly, there is the discovery of a long-lost tomb following a lengthy search by the archaeologist Howard Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon. Then there is the grisly legend of the so-called curse. Above all, there is the story of the ill-fated boy pharaoh, a sovereign forgotten by history until he resurfaced surrounded by his vast wealth, opening a window on a civilization of incomparable mystery, subtlety and finesse.


Unique artefacts

More than 150 astounding artefacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun are presented at the Grande Halle de la Villette, about fifteen minutes by public transport from your Hotel du Continent. Most have never been seen outside Egypt and all will return to a permanent home in a new museum in Cairo. From delicate vases to monumental statues, from the funeral bed to the sarcophagus, each object bears witness to the artistic genius and complexity of the beliefs of ancient Egypt.

The Tutankhamun exhibition is the flagship event for 2019. Book your tickets as soon as possible so you can view these wonders that will soon be confined exclusively to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo!



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