They are tucked away discreetly. You could easily miss them, or you might discover one by chance during a walk. However, they have been present in the heart of the capital since the 19th century. What are they? The covered passages and galleries of Paris; places where time seems to have stopped and it’s always pleasant to stroll. And they’re not far from your hotel.


A fascinating and surprising journey through the covered passages of Paris

Of the twenty covered passages and galleries still extant in Paris, many are distinguished by their architectural merit. In the 2nd arrondissement you can discover the Galerie Vivienne, one of the most famous passages, whose splendid colourful floor mosaic is crowned by an impressive glass roof. This luxurious early shopping arcade dates from 1823. It’s a pleasure to wander and browse amidst its elegant neo-classical Pompeian-style decor.


The Parisian covered passages offer delightful experiences

The Passage Brady in the 10th arrondissement is the place to go to taste delicious Indian cuisine. The Passage des Panoramas, the oldest of the covered passages, boasts a wealth of bars and restaurants and offers plenty of opportunities to sample traditional bistro cuisine. The Galerie Véro-Dotat, located near the Hôtel du Continent in the 1st arrondissement, hosts a wealth of high-quality shops, including the atelier-boutique of the leading luxury footwear designer, Christian Louboutin. Don’t miss the Galerie Colbert and its impressive rotunda surmounted by a glass dome. This exquisite covered arcade houses the National Institute of Art History and the National Heritage Institute.



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Crédit photo : Galerie Vivienne © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe Marc Bertrand

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