If you are staying at the Hôtel du Continent in Paris, that means you have no fear of vintage! This cousin of kitsch borrows from retro what chic takes from old fashion and reinvents it in an original way. Typical of this vintage art: the globetrotter decor designed by Christian Lacroix - Book your stay in the Christian Lacroix atmosphere in Paris… and to go even further, follow the vintage guide in Paris.

One might think that everything is vintage in Paris as history has marked the architecture, fashion, glamor and minds! New trendy places now rule the streets because they tastefully reinvent the charm of an abundant mythological past. Come see for yourself during your stay at the Hôtel du Continent.

Enjoy a gourmet tea time at Angelina close to the Hôtel du Continent. In this charming Belle Epoque tea room founded in 1903, give way to the memories of Proust and Coco Chanel who often came here or surrender in front of the delights of a Sacher or Mont-Blanc pastry. Another idea: go to Harry's New York Bar for Happy Hour  close to the hotel. In 1911, a New Yorker fully dismantled his bar and moved it to Paris, creating an authentic and mythical atmosphere. Great writers like Hemingway, Sartre and Blondin were regular customers here.

Book your stay in the Christian Lacroix atmosphere in Paris