There’s no doubt about it; they have everything to please, including proximity to the water, music, an atmosphere that’s both friendly and trendy... Guinguettes, those hugely appealing waterside taverns, are a must during the Parisian summer.


Guinguettes in all their delightful simplicity...

Let's start with a name that inspires warmth and fond regard: Rosa Bonheur. Whether you choose Rosa à l'Ouest or Rosa sur Seine, you’ll find the same welcoming Camargue ambiance that has made the brand so successful. Tapas, good humour, the water's edge... What more could you ask for? You’ll also find a similar kind of conviviality at Flow. On the upper deck of the barge or on the quay, you can share a platter with friends while sipping a beer or a cocktail.


The ultra-trendy guinguettes

We’re far from the cheerful vibe of the Marne but what a joy it is to taste the culinary creations of the chef at the Bistrot Alexandre III! The refined decor of the barge, the elegance of the tables, the refinement of the cuisine and the magnificent view of the Seine make it a truly pleasurable experience. Finally, combine relaxation with culture by visiting Fluctart. This new floating contemporary art centre of the City of Paris also offers food & drink. Find out about upcoming events; there’s always something of interest going on...

Guinguettes offer a wealth of conviviality and relaxation in the middle of the Parisian summer.



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