By staying at the Hôtel du Continent, you are in the heart of Paris and, therefore, in the heart of the incredible wealth of heritage, art and culture that unfolds around your boutique hotel. Close to the Louvre, the Tuileries Garden, La Concorde and Place Vendome, it is very tempting to take pictures of anything and everything! Book your stay in the heart of Paris to capture the best of the capital. Here are a few suggestions.
Tip #1: No stress. The treasures of Paris are all around you. They're not going anywhere! In your photo spot, open your eyes and wait for the right moment! In the Tuileries Garden for example, or on Avenue de l'Opéra, your best shots await you!
Tip #2: You want to take pictures of passers-by because they inspire you? No problem...but ask them first!
Tip #3: Tell a story, your story of Paris with your street photography. Emotional, eloquent, expressive, your photo must be able to illustrate an idea that can be put into words. Let your imagination soar!
Tip #4: Never leave the Hôtel du Continent without our camera. 
Tip #5: Be original, change your angle, your point of view, and take pictures from above, below, from unusual places or by leading your artistic eye in unexpected directions. 
Tip #6: Put Parisians in the heart of your photos. They are the amazing characters of a novel whose actions unfold before your eyes!

Book your stay in the heart of Paris to capture the best of the capital