Are you dreaming of a drink in a historic bar, connected or design in the course of your stay in the Hotel du Continent? Discover our 5 favorite addresses close to your hotel!

Le Sherry Butt
Nestled in the heart of the Marais, 20 rue Beautreillis, the Sherry Butt is one of the trendiest bars in the City of Light! Hidden behind a discreet facade, you will discover two rooms decorated with leather sofas and chandeliers.

Le Café Marly
Located 10-minute walk from the Hotel du Continent in the 93 rue de Rivoli, this cocktail bar offers a splendid view on the Pyramid of the Louvre. Luxury in the pure state! A unique place which deserves although it remains for the dinner…

Le Coeur Fou
Nestled in the neighborhood of the trail in the 55 Rue Montmartre, Le Coeur Fou is characterized by an interior of a pristine white, a decoration ultra-chic, intimate alcoves and a candlelight. We like to have a coffee in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the evening listening to good music.

Le Chacha
For a drink, eat or dance all night, go to Le Chacha, rue Berger. Here you can sit in leather armchairs to enjoy a cocktail or revel in a sophisticated dish of contemporary French cuisine. Enjoy a chic setting with golden mirrors and subdued lights.

Le Fumoir
It ends at 6 Rue of the Amiral de Coligny. Le Fumoir invites you to enjoy a drink in the atmosphere Dandy and jazzy of the 1920s just in front of the Louvre. Ideal for a happy-hour between 6 and 8pm!